Nalanda College Old Boys

UAE Alumni


Our foremost focus is to build a strong bond among our members, active presence in UAE and support our College’s excellence.


Old Nalandian UAE Alumni fosters a lifelong spirit of belonging and pride by connecting past students, Brother Colleges and friends to College and each other.


• To establish a strong Membership in UAE and strengthen our ties with our Brother College.

• To have maximum interaction with other association & clubs and participate major events in UAE.

• To support College in every possible way. Special projects. Sports, Education, Infrastructure developments, CSR

• To promote social interaction among our members and Sri Lankan Community in UAE.

• To establish a solid network among our members and support our college mates to find suitable carrier opportunities in UAE.

Membership Drive

We stated our journey with a humble beginning with pride, thanks for our pioneer members. We commenced our data base with a limited number of members in 2011 which has been reached over hundred. It was a remarkable and notable achievement during last 1-2 years. Our main objective is to focus and reach all past students in UAE and form a strong Group to take our goals & objectives forward. We are committed to maintain the same momentum and grow our membership to 200 by end of 2015.

Within a very short period of time we were able to develop website and its pleasure to launch the website during Maroons Night 2014. Henceforward new member would be able to enrol Alumni through website.

Annual Events

1. Ananda Vs Nalanda Cricket Encounter – Nalanda won 4 out of 5 encounters. We were able to maitine the defending champions of P D s Kularatne Trophy.

2. Participated activities & programs organized by Olcot Schools Alumni- Olcot memorial Pinkama, Cricket Tournament, Wesak Dansala.

3. Participated activities & programs organized by ” Sahana Padanama”

4. CSR Projects; Dubai Cleaning

5. Actively participated to organize “ Olcott Schools Paduru Sadjaya”

Future Projects

During last two years our focus was to grow our membership and consolidate our position in UAE. Hence we were not able to actively involved in College Development Projects other than contribution made to Nalanda College Sports Club. We are happy to inform that UAE membership consist with past students who had represented College in many areas. Although as a team we were unable to execute large projects we are pleased to inform that our members are actively supporting College projects individual capacity mainly Rugby, Badminton, Cricket. One of our members (Based in UAE) instrumented to form Old Nalandain Rugby Developments Association through which they were able support College Rugby. We are committed to take forward our objectives and would explore possibility of establishing relationship with College administration, Junior & Senior Old Boys Associations to involve various projects. As an initial step we intend to donate Equipment & materials to College Gymnasium, Badminton, Rugby football teams this year.

We earnestly request all Nalandains living in UAE to join hands with us to support our ALMA MATER.