A Historic Day for Nalandians Living in the UAE

A Historic Day for Nalandians Living in the UAE

14th November 2014, was a historic day for Nalandians living in the UAE. Thanks to a few committed old Nalandians living in Dubai, Nalanda College Alumni – UAE was formed on this day. The Inaugural Annual General Meeting was held at Chowking Peiking Restaurant Party Hall at Al Ghurair Centre in Dubai, attended by old Nalandians living in the UAE.

In the past, Nalandians were represented by only a selected number of members in activities such as cricket, and bowling. For the first time, Nalanda took part in the Lanka Lions Tag Rugby Tournament held at Dubai Sports City this year and reached the semifinal stage, which was a great achievement. Nalanda has won several accolades in UAE’s event calendar winning the Olcott Schools Cricket Tournament and Lanka Lions Inter School Cricket Tournament. Nalanda College also won the Bowling Tournament organized by Holy Family Convent Old Girls Association in the UAE. Nalanda has also won the Annual Ananda Vs Nalanda big match for 3 consecutive years including last year’s prestigious P D S Kularatne Challenge Trophy.

Given the success of achievements in the sports field, the togetherness between old Nalandians living in the UAE, the need to have an organized social association was badly felt. This resulted in a few committed old Nalandians getting together and devising plans to discuss with Nalanda College OBA in Colombo to establish Nalanda College Alumni – UAE. The constitution has been vetted by NCOBA and the association in the UAE, Nalanda College Alumni – UAE is formed with an affiliation to Nalanda College OBA, Colombo.

The Inaugural Annual general meeting was accordingly held on the 14h of November 2014 and Mr Channa Welihinda was appointed as the first President. The sportsmen who helped carry Nalanda College Flag at many events were also honored with a token of appreciation for their selfless contribution in the sports field at the AGM.

The Objective of NCA-UAE is to grant an opportunity to the Alumni of Nalanda College, Colombo, Sri Lanka., to a) Meet and foster fellowship among themselves by organizing events and projects, b) Represent Nalanda College in other events in the UAE c) Assist the development projects of Nalanda College, Colombo, Sri Lanka and related programs. The first of such events took place on 09th January 2015 when Ananda beat Nalanda at the 7th Ananda Vs Nalanda big match. Nalanda also took part in the Lanka Lions Inter-School Cricket Tournament where Nalanda Silver team led by Manoj Niroshan won the Runners-Up Trophy of the Plate Tournament.

NCA UAE is planning to organize a Seela Pinkama in collaboration with Olcott Schools UAE in February this year. They also plan to organize the annual Maroons Night event on 19th March 2015, in association with Ananda College OBA UAE, where more than 350 guests including old boys of Ananda and Nalanda, their families, friends and well-wishers are expected to attend.

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